Posted on September 25, 2011


After much deliberation, the inaugural dining establishment for my monthly dinner group was deemed to be… Aristo’s!  Aristo’s is a quaint Greek restaurant located at 224 S 1300 East, and features a menu of authentic Greek cuisine. In fact, the menu is so delectable it’s nearly impossible to pick your entree. We settled on the dolmthes for an appetizer, a meat and vegetable mixture wrapped in grape leaves served with tzaziki sauce. They were my personal favorite dish of the night, and so good that we consumed them all before I could get a picture. Don’t worry though, the main dished were fully documented. Luckily my dinner companions are well rounded eaters, and between us we were able to cover most sections of the menu.

My darling cousin Kate ordered the Greek Salad. What I most loved about the presentation of the salad was that the feta wasn’t crumbled, it gave the salad a more rustic feel.

My new acquaintance Heather ordered the Mousaka; eggplant, potato, beef and lamb covered by bechamel cheese. Remember that scene from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’? “Moose-kaka?? No, Mousaka” Despite the confusing name, it was quite tantalizing… see below.

My best friend Red and I shared the Mithia Ouza, mussels steamed with fennel, feta, scallions and garlic, as well as the Kolokithakia, essentially deep fried zucchini served with a side of hummus. The Kolokithakia was an unexpected combination, but sooo good.

The menu is appealing not just for the good food, but also because it features both small plates, so you can try a few items yourself, or family style sizes to share with the group.

The highlight of the night was meeting Aristo himself, as friendly and welcoming as you would expect a Greek Restauranteer to be. Aristo grew up in New York and has been in the restaurant business since he was 11. Aristo’s has won numerous local awards for their menu. Eat Local First and check out Aristo’s! Especially while their patio is still open.

eat food, die full. xx. .

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