Market Street: Riverpark

Posted on January 17, 2012


The worst part of my day, is my 20 + minute commute to work out in So Jo. Luckily, this is redeemed by the fact that a Gastronomy establishment has graced that side of the valley with its presence. Gastronomy, Inc. is arguably my favorite SLC restuarant group. I like the variety of venues, love that The New Yorker is no longer private, and dig their awesome rewards program. It costs $15 to sign up, but then you get a $20 certificate, each dollar you spend goes toward earning more certificates, and you get a certificate for your birthday.

The menu has a great variety in terms of food; in our land-locked valley it’s definitely the best seafood you can get, but they also have delicious salads and good selection of Natural Certified Angus Beef® . Their menu also has a great variety of price. My favorite lunch item is the New York Steak Sandwich (~$30). However, for days your wallet is a little lighter there are the lunch specials. For around $10 you get a chowder or a salad, an entree and choice of a side. I have had pretty good chowder, from variety of venues in the northwest, but Market Street Chowder is still my favorite, it’s not as heavy and the leeks add such a unique twist.

On my last visit the manager brought out the Cajun Seafood Pasta on the house for our party to try, and I ended up enjoying it far more than my own dish. The dish contains shrimp, scallops, sausage, tomatoes and green onions over fettuccine with a thin spicy Cajun sauce. The combination was delectable the savory sausage paired with more mild shellfish and the hint of fiery Cajun, my mouth is watering just remembering it.

By far my favorite item at Market Street is their raspberry almond torte. You can find the recipe on their website, but I have never been successful in recreating it. So save yourself the hassle and go enjoy a delicious meal at one of their three locations throughout the valley.

eat food, die full. xx.

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